Thursday, January 03, 2013

How many cameras is enough?

There are a few cameras lurking around the place. I tripped over an old and less than efficiently working Kiev6c this morning. I must get rid of the thing before it kills me. It almost has already when it fell on me when I fell in the local river- as you do. As I do anyway.

 Eve enjoying the land/seascape

 Me enjoying a proper wall 

 O'er the top of Carloway


I was going to write something interesting about 'how many cameras is enough' but I can't make my mind up. I can't even make my mind up what cameras to take with me when I go out for the day - or on holiday. Like the time we went to Cuba [where a younger Lord Wiesmier - he was a mere Sir at the time - got rabbitnapped in Havana ] and I took far too many cameras, never knew what to shoot and in the end shot nothing much! Lesson learnt, or so one would have thought.

When I have answered the question myself I'll try and write something about it. In the meantime these snaps were from a little trip to Carloway, Dal Mhor and Dal Beag tother day. Taken with the Pentax p30t and Polypan-f [although the Zorki6 and the Baby Graflex were in the car - no doubt sulking.]

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Proper photographiser and wizzo darkroom wizard Andrew Sanderson  whom I note has been visiting this site - and no doubt wondering what in goodness sakes it's all about.


John Banting. Look at the site :-) 

toodle do

just as well my dear Eve doesn't mind my indecision !


Iain said...

You're in good company: Ralph McTell once told me 'If you know how many guitars you have, you don't have enough!' Probably a maxim that applies to cameras!

gz said...

I think the Pirate would have said the same about bikes and wheels!!!
Is your darkroom leak sorted yet?

John said...

Ah, yes. I see what you mean...
That is a splendid image which even on screen has such quality. It reminds me of photogravure. (I hope that isn't insulting). Now, where did I put that old Stieglitz photogravure? (I wish...)
I don't know about too many cameras, or bags, but you really cannot have too many great images. Keep them coming.